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* The cost is $750 for an entire day
* There is a $200 "peak" season premium
* There is a 10% discount after the 2nd day
* We accept all major credit cards
* Guests will furnish their own park tickets

Use WDW Guided Tours
to avoid these typical crowds and long waits:

Private Guided Tours

Central Florida is an amazing place. It is the most popular vacation destination on Earth. However, with eight major theme parks and so many attractions, it can often be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. Add large crowds, hot temperatures, and even cranky children to the mix, and it can be downright stressful. Your vacation is supposed to give you a break from the normal stress of your everyday life. This is precisely why I created the "stress free" Private Guided Tour. When you hire WDW Guided Tours, you not only get a knowledgeable tour guide, but also a personal assistant. 
        Benefits of using WDW Guided Tours

1)  Shortest Lines

I hear from guests on a regular basis who didn't enjoy their Central Florida vacation because of the huge crowds. It is no secret that the theme parks can often be very crowded. However, with my guidance, you won't have to wait in long lines. Through years of experience and a little modern technology, your wait times will be diminished significantly. It is not a stretch to say that you will spend up to five hours less waiting in line, compared to struggling through the parks on your own. Also, if you will be using my services for multiple days, we will visit each park on its least crowded day of the week, and at its least crowded times.  

2)  Best Navigation

Just like a city, there are streets, paths and walkways through each of the eight parks. It is always best when you know the shortest distance between two points. Not only will you save time, but you won't use up energy having to walk a half mile on a hot day to find a restroom or a snack stand. This happens way too often, especially with guests who aren't familiar with the shortcuts. I know the theme parks like the back of my hand, and I guarantee that you won't be wasting time or energy on unnecessary walking.

Proven and Flexible Itineraries

After discussing your desires, I will put together an itinerary to maximize your time. I will always have a plan in mind, but you will have the flexibility to make changes on the go. Also, keeping in mind that you are on vacation, we will maintain a comfortable pace throughout the day. 

Best Meal Decisions

There are a tremendous amount of food locations in and around the Central Florida parks. Often times, you won't know what you feel like eating until the last minute. Utilizing my experience and ability to use technology to its fullest, I will guide you to the best spots according to your tastes. I can even make table service reservations for you while "on the go."

Family Assistance

As I mentioned above, you aren't just getting a tour guide, but also a personal assistant. Maybe you have a child who wants to go on a thrill ride that isn't quite your speed. I will be happy to be his riding partner. Or, maybe you want to ride that exciting attraction with your big kid, but can't leave your little one alone. I'll be happy to entertain junior for you! Let's say you want to have a quiet dinner with your spouse, I can take the kids on some rides. Whatever family assistance you need, I am here to help.

 Built in Photographer

How often have you been on vacation and wanted to get pictures with the whole family? I know that I have taken literally thousands of photos on trips with my wife and son, and you'd be hard pressed to find me in any of them. Central Florida is a place to make wonderful memories, and it's nice to have the whole family in at least some of your pictures. I will be happy to be your photographer (and even videographer) whenever you'd like.

Theme Park Historian

Since I was a young boy, I have been interested in the stories behind Walt Disney World and the other major Central Florida theme parks. I would walk through the parks and wonder how they created such incredible experiences. Over the years, I have done an enormous amount of research on everything from attraction design to hidden Mickeys. I will be sprinkling in fun facts throughout your tour and will have answers to most of your questions. I also have mobile access to many great resources for additional information.  

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